LOGICA TRAINING SCHOOL is the part of LOGICA STAFFING SOLUTION PVT LTD is certified by ISO: 9001-2015 Quality Management System Standard & AIMA (All India Management Association).

Logica training school arises like the renowned from ashes of a rising Sun. The logica has produced a number of people whose heroism rises above the job description of cabin crew and ground staff and flight operation officer, Hospitality and Travel Tourism Executive . Logica is an educational institute in India meant exclusively for cabin crew and airline operation. Logica’s educational program aims at an all-round development of the student personality, and offers you a great deal of aviation course in Chennai and preparing programs in different segments. Logica training school has been a responsible developing and at present it is acknowledged as reputed aviation training and placement institute for the students.Logica will never send any students without career oppurtunity from the academy.

Logica training school has authorized an exceptional and high development way in aviation as well as in hospitality & Travel tourism . As an institute, it has been on all occasions to join hands with numerous industrial companies and thus it is recognized as a need of the industry on time and examined to them with smart and appropriate innovations as well as adaptations in its course curriculum as well as teaching methodologies. Logica’s constant evolution and the spirit will leads to the better path being recognized as a company of repute and eminence for its professionally oriented courses. We are offering Internship for the student and industrial visit to the airport with a practical training, and also there are placements for qualified candidates for those who are professionally trained in our institution. At the graduation level the Logica training school has taken up the task of opening an advanced and emerging domain of knowledge to the students, to give them an aggressive edge in their professional life. For example, Diploma in Airline Operations & Ramp , Airline Cabin Crew courses in (covering both theoretical and practical training), logica has developed the course introducing training period test conducted to provide a great degree of inter-disciplinary approach in the teaching-learning within the constituent disciplines of a faculty. This model has been recreated in other disciplines as well. The training have been structured in such a fashion that the modular courses being offered provides lots of flexibility in choosing relevant courses from the related discipline. It is a well proven concept in training that testing of knowledge results in better career

why Aviation

1. Travel Opportunities
2. Meeting New People
3. The Opportunity to Develop your Career
4. Company Benefits
5. Lifestyle Benefits


1.maintain 100% placement record
2.Globally Certified Acacdemy in india
3.Real Practical Training from Airport
4.Eperinced Proffesional for Teaching
5.Inflight Training Experince
6.Getting lots of Benefits
7.Attractive infrastructure